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Diploma In Clinical Medicine And Community Health

A Clinical Officer is a general medical practitioner based at a health facility and is able to perform both clinical and community health services covering diagnosis, treatment of disease, injury and minor surgery. He/she also offers preventive, rehabilitative health services and refers complicated/advanced cases. He/she is able to perform management, and administrative tasks related to human and physical resources including medical legal issues and entrepreneurship engagements.ion


Direct Entry: At least A’ level principal pass in biology &a subsidiary in chemistry. Mature entry/upgrading; Any certificate in a health related course like nursing, midwifery,Lab and pharmacy.


34 course units
3 - year duration
Medicine department
Full Time & Part Time study time
ugx. 800,000 tuition fees
ugx. 1,000,000 functional fees
ugx. 1,800,000 for a semister (term)