Filling Staff gaps for Quality health care

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Fear of God

Love of the sick


To train and produce Health proffessionals with skills and competence ready to fill staff gaps and deliver quality health services.

Joining us is a pleasure

### Welcome to ST. REGINA COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. Established in **2013**, our professional medical health college is your gateway to a world of healing and learning. Picture this: a place staffed with well-trained Health tutors, Consultant doctors, and Mentors who not only teach but also guide you through your academic journey – both in the classroom and beyond. Here, we take the seriousness of healthcare education and sprinkle it with a touch of humor because let's face it, laughter is often the best medicine (though we'll teach you all the other ones too!). So, if you're ready to dive into the realm of certificates and diplomas while having a few laughs and gaining invaluable knowledge along the way, come join us! It's time to turn your passion for healing into a profession that makes a real difference in the world.
St. Regina students acquire practical skills from Hoima regional referral Hospital and other Health Centre’s in Hoima and Kikuube district.

These are qualities thar define us:

St.Regina college of Health Professionals